Designing With Sole (MLab x Swatchbook)

April 28–November 13, 2021


Registration Opens: May 10, 2021
Registration Closes: June 7, 2021

MLab x Swatchbook

MLab‘s Color and Material program at Pensole has strategically continued to evolve since its creation in 2012. Suzette Henry, the founder of MLab and Director of Color and Materials, has developed the CMF Color Material & Finish curriculum that reflects our brand partnerships and the constantly changing product creation market. We strive to create a unique and innovative atmosphere for our creatives, bringing together a range of industries and technologies. Our newest partner is Swatchbook: the global digital online CMF library.

Swatchbook has curated the CM experience through digital advancements and supply chain partnerships. Our industry must be conscious of its global impact; Swatchbook provides cutting-edge technology to improve design specifications and saves time, money, and cost for the overall development process, which is vital for sustainable product creation.

 Our students will implement this 3D technology into their repertoire, break through the traditional mold of Material design, and shape the future development of CM roles.

Apply for your chance to be one of the first students to experience building color and material libraries in this partnership between MLab and Swatchbook. 

Registration for this program is open now until June 7th at


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