After you have researched all information on our website, please craft your emails with specific questions that you still need answered (ie: specific class/competition/design discipline/etc).

We are a small staff with many responsibilities. This being said, please note that the average response time is 72 hours to 1 week of receiving your email. This is definitely the case while we have classes/competitions in session.


For general information or inquiries about PENSOLE classes or competitions, email [email protected]

For general information or inquiries about the PNCA class, email [email protected]

For information regarding MLAB classes or competitions, email Suzette Henry [email protected]

For information regarding classes in the 203 CONCEPT SHOP, email [email protected]

For information regarding FAAS classes or competitions, email Angela Medlin [email protected]

For media inquiries email John McIsaac [email protected]

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Pensole is located at:

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