No 1 Way x FAAS x HBCU

Mentoring Program (Online)

October 14–November 1, 2019


Registration Opens: August 26, 2019
Registration Closes: September 29, 2019

Master Class (Onsite)

November 13–December 6, 2019

Portland, OR

Registration Opens: August 26, 2019
Registration Closes: September 29, 2019

The Footaction No 1 Way Design Program is a functional apparel design competition launching in partnership with FAAS at PENSOLE. This competition is open to current students and recent graduates (within the past 2 yrs) at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

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Program Information

About & Key Dates

About the Footaction No 1 Way Design Program

The Footaction No 1 Way Design Program is a student design competition launching in partnership with PENSOLE Academy and open to all students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). 

Ten student designers (quarter-finalists) will be selected to participate in a 3-week online mentoring program with Angela Medlin, Founder of Functional Apparel and Accessories (FAAS) at PENSOLE.

Five student designers (semi-finalists) will be selected to participate in a 3-week in person PENSOLE Master Class alongside Angela Medlin and the PENSOLE’s founder – accomplished footwear designer D’Wayne Edwards.

The program will culminate with the top five student designers (finalists) showcasing their designs at a consumer-facing event during February 2020 New York Fashion Week. First through third place winners will be announced, and will receive between $5,000 and $15,000 in prize money. A final winner will have their designs sold at Footaction nationwide. 


Footaction x PENSOLE x HBCUs Partnership

Footaction has partnered with PENSOLE, one of the leading footwear and apparel design schools to help the next generation of creative talent bring their visions to the world.  PENSOLE is a strategic partner that Foot Locker, Inc. has invested in to fuel the future of design across the athletic-inspired lifestyle category.

The program has partnered with Historically Black Colleges and Universities to shine a spotlight on traditionally underrepresented communities in the design field. No 1 Way champions the different roads to success while creating an open stage for creators to share their story, bridging emerging creatives with the established.


Application Eligibility 

The program is open to all current students enrolled at the 85+ Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) throughout the U.S.

    1. This program is also open to HBCU students who have graduated in the last 2 years.
    2. You do not have to be a design or fashion major to apply or participate.
    3. You must be 18+ years or older.
    4. If you are currently an NCAA athlete: you must forfeit any prize money or other consideration you may receive as part of any Program.


Restrictions for Participation 

      1. If you are currently employed as a product designer (apparel, accessories, soft goods, or footwear) for any third party, you are restricted from applying. 
      2. If you have more than five (5) years of experience in the fashion industry, in any capacity, you are restricted. 

Terms and Conditions 


By submitting your work for this class, you agree to be bound by and perform your obligations described in the terms & conditions.


For more details about the design program, application process, and deadlines refer to our No 1 Way_FAQ  document.



Who is overseeing the design course?

Angela Medlin, Founder of Functional Apparel and Accessories (FAAS) at PENSOLE and the academy’s founder D’Wayne Edwards, who combined have close to 60-years experience working for Levi’s, Nike, Jordan among other top brands in the industry. Medlin and Edwards will work with their peers and other industry experts to facilitate the competition and provide direction and mentorship as the applicants develop their apparel designs.


What is the format of the 3- week Master Class?

      1. Developing your design pitches for designers selected piece. 
      2. Refining sketches and meeting with Patternmakers/Developers.
      3. Final revisions and presentation: deck + pitch. 


What skill do I need have in order to design an apparel collection?

    1. You need to be able to sketch a well thought out design (functional) by hand or digitally. Please see submission requirements on application page. 
    2. You need to be able to verbalize your design/story through the 150 word essay.

Please see submission requirements on application page.  


What will people design for the program?

Participants will design functional apparel for the program. This includes, but not limited to, Apparel, lightweight outerwear, T-shirts, dresses and backpacks or any other apparel/gear referred to as sport, athletic, athleisure, active, or performance.

This is not your average sweatshirt or sweatpant with graphics applied. Functionality must be incorporated into the design. This is not a graphic design project. 


Can I earn college credit for participating in the design program?

      1. As all universities and departments vary, if you are interested in college credit, this is a conversation that you need to initiate with your university/department/professor. We will provide a support document to help you facilitate that conversation. 
      2. PENSOLE is an academy, not an accredited university; however, we do offer documentation for higher education institutions, if you request it. This documentation translates the curriculum of the program that you will be participating in. This document has helped students from all over the US and abroad gain studio, independent study, and/or internship credits with their higher education institutions. Please email your request to Throughout the history of PENSOLE, we have worked with the following accredited universities teaching Master Classes: Parsons, MIT, Design School Kolding, ArtCenter, and Pacific Northwest College of Art. 


Footaction will cover all travel costs and accommodations for students attending the PENSOLE Master Class and NYFW event.




10 NW 5th Ave

Portland, OR 97209

Submission Requirements

Please read all of the instructions to ensure that your design submission is complete.

DESIGN BRIEF: No one needs another standard hoodie with a chest graphic or an elastic waistband fleece pant. Those come a dime a dozen. What can you create that makes a statement, is functional, and is constructed differently from a standard fleece silhouette? How can you evolve fleece products for the future consumer? There are no limits. This is an opportunity to be innovative with style, material ideas, and color. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ELEVATED FLEECE ON THE RUNWAY AT FASHION WEEK IN SPRING 2020? (NOTE: Sketches that focus on graphic designs placed on a standard fleece top/bottom will not be qualified for this apparel competition or program.)



-Illustrate (digital or by hand) front/back/side and highlighted detail views: 11×17 horizontal layout.

Here is an example of an exemplary submission: No1Way FAAS Submission

-Save file as PDF: 150 DPI.

-Design idea should include all fleece fabric OR at least 75% fleece fabric if mixing with other fabrics.

-Add call outs of special details and materials ideas to the sketch.

-Combine color, graphics, and texture to enhance the overall design.






What is your design theme? Who would wear this? What makes it amazing/ innovative?


What is the deadline to enter?

All submissions must be received through the application portal on by 11:50 pm PST, September 29, 2019.

      1. Participants will be contacted by a member of the Footaction No 1 Way program on October 11th, 2019.  
      2. Feedback from FAAS at PENSOLE will be provided to the Quarter-Finalists.


How many participants are chosen?

        1. Part 1: Ten (10) quarter-finalists will be selected based on feedback and judging from Footaction and PENSOLE. These 10 will be mentored online for 3 weeks and there will be another round of judging based on their updated design work. 
        2. Part 2: 5 Five (5) semi-finalists will be selected to participate in:
        3. 1) An in person PENSOLE Master Class for 3-weeks at PENSOLE’s HQ in Portland, OR. 2) These five semi-finalists will have their final design professionally prototyped to show their designs at New York Fashion Week in February 2020. 

How are participants and winners chosen?

      1. Through a presentation and voting criteria developed by FAAS at PENSOLE, of the five semi-finalist, the top 3 will receive a cash prize and a final winner will be chosen to have their collection sold at Footaction stores nationwide and online.