Welcome to the blog for Art Center College of Design x Pensole 2015 – CMF. We’ll be posting our thoughts, process and designs, so check back daily for a new perspective and enjoy! Click Here

ART CENTER x PENSOLE 2015 – Design and Business

Welcome to the blog for Art Center College of Design x Pensole 2015 – Design and Business. We’ll be posting our thoughts, process and designs, so check back daily for a new perspective and enjoy! Click Here

adidas x PENSOLE: Earn Your Stripes 2014

Following the World Sneaker Championship, PENSOLE has partnered with Adidas for the Earn Your Stripes program. This three-week design program focuses on finding and developing the next generation of Adidas footwear designers. Fifteen creatives in the fields of footwear design, CMF and 3D digital design will work with Adidas and D’Wayne Edwards as part of this one-of-a-kind experience. These are their stories.

Click: Week OneWeek Two and Week Three.

PENSOLE World Sneaker Championship 2014

Earlier this week, 30 young students from all the around the world came together in Portland, Oregon, determined to change the footwear game by embarking in the PENSOLE World Sneaker Championship. Assigned to teams and representing a diverse range of brands, boutiques and major corporations across the industry, they’ve began their journey to design a product that’s ready for retail. These are their stories. Click here.


Leaders Emerge After Direction (LEAD): A two week intensive product design course covering tracks of design, development, product marketing, sales and buying. The course includes visits from top designers for Reebok, New Balance, Converse, Puma, Nike and Jordan. Click here.

PENSOLE+Art Center 2014

Hello, world! I’m excited to be able to start out our blog for this year’s ACCD Pensole term. Welcome to the start of our journey together!  Each day, we will be updating this blog to describe the day’s events, each by a different student in the program. Click here.

PENSOLE Materialists: Art Center 2014

Started in spring of 2014, MLAB and Art Center College of Design combined their efforts to create a materials lead team named The Materialists, which was created to lead designers through Color, Materials, and Finishes. Our mantra is: hunt, gather,and create. Click here.

PENSOLE+FN Platform Challenge

Capturing the experience of 10 design students hand-selected to attend this special PENSOLE class held at the Stitch Factory in Las Vegas, January 20-31, 2014. Click here.

Art Center x PENSOLE 2013

Welcome to the 2013 blog for the Art Center College of Design x Pensole experience. We’ll be posting our thoughts, process and designs throughout the next two weeks, so check back daily for a new perspective and enjoy! Click here.

PENSOLE Two Ten Shoecase

In 2012 Two Ten Footwear Foundation gave out over $700,000 in scholarships and this year they have partnered with PENSOLE and the FN Platform tradeshow to create the Two Ten SHOECASE – a hands-on, intensive, four-week footwear design Master Class in Portland, Oregon, culminating with a final Shoecase featuring aspiring footwear designers at FN PLATFORM the shoe show at MAGIC, in Las Vegas February 19th-22nd. Click here.

Adidas x PENSOLE

Day 1 started off with D’Wayne giving us a quick low down of the PENSOLE program, a brief outline of the amount of work we were about to be producing these next three weeks, and also how honored he was that adidas has teamed up with PENSOLE for the first time in school history. Click here.

Future of Footwear

FUTURE of FOOTWEAR by FNPLATFORM is a worldwide footwear design award created to discover, develop and reward aspiring footwear designers from top schools, colleges, and universities nationwide. Our mission is to provide aspiring footwear design students a platform to become the future of the footwear industry. Click here.

Art Center College of Design @ Pensole Blog

From Pasadena to Portland – this blog captures the experience that 22 students from Art Center College of Design had in Portland, OR from April 26-May 9, 2012. Click here.


CounterKicks has exclusively invited Brent James, one of the students accepted into the inaugural PENSOLE footwear design school at the University of Oregon, to share a first hand account of his experience in the program on a daily basis over the next two weeks. Click here.

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